KIP-15: devDAO Community Role Structure



This proposal outlines a tiered role structure for the devDAO.


Creating a tiered role system for devDAO community members to grow into when contributing code to the development of Kwenta. The tiered role system will allow for systematic growth and engagement as well as an unambiguous path to distribute tickets by skill level.


To facilitate future growth and engagement within the devDAO, a tiered role structure is proposed. Currently, devDAO community members can only reach Bounty Hunter status by getting a single ticket merged into the code base. Once the devDAO is tasked with solving advanced tickets, a system should be in place to make sure the right community devs/roles are being contacted in order to solve aforementioned tickets.


The proposed devDAO roles structure is outlined below:

Tiers and Roles

0 - devDAO community member

Any Kwenta community member interested in the devDAO, who has not yet solved a ticket. devDAO community members are encouraged to set up their dev environment, participate in discussions and ask relevant questions in the respective channels. The devDAO community members have priority when claiming tickets labeled 'easy'/'good first time issue'.

1 - Bounty Hunter

After solving the first ticket, devDAO community members earn the Bounty Hunter role. Community members with this role will have access to easy to intermediate level tickets. Bounty Hunters assist with the onboarding of new devDAO community members and help out fellow community members with their tickets, if necessary. Bounty Hunters have priority when claiming tickets labeled 'Bounty Hunter', and can claim tier 0 tickets if no devDAO community members steps forward.

Bounty Hunters completing at least 5 devDAO tickets (min. 2 intermediate) are eligible for progression to the community dev role. Role promotions are subject to the discretion of the devDAO PM.

2 - Community Dev

Once eligible, a Bounty Hunter raises to the ranks of a community dev. In addition to Bounty Hunter perks, Community Devs have priority when claiming tickets labeled 'Community Dev', and can claim tier 0 and tier 1 tickets if no Bounty Hunter or devDAO community member steps forward. Tickets reserved for community devs in general are of intermediate to hard difficulty; or eligible roadmap-level tickets, which require some more committment and dedication to the devDAO. Community Devs who are up for more complex tickets might be eligible to a monthly retainer, which can come paid out either through a recurring distribution or added to appropriate tickets bounties.

Retainers and a potential progression to Kwenta Core Developer status will be assessed based on a community devs history of completed tickets.

3 - Kwenta Core Developer

Kwenta Core Developers (formerly CCs) engage full-time with the task of developing Kwenta. Kwenta Core Developers concentrate their work on roadmap-level tickets and features. They also function as auditors for devDAO tickets. Kwenta Core Developers will receive a full wage package administered by the adminDAO and treasuryDAO.

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