KIP-17: Product Elites 2.0

Marko Roy, Andrew Trudel (Andotlas)


An alternative model for the Product Elites.


An alternative model to the existing Product Elite role within Kwenta that is designed to increase feedback throughput and allow Kwenta a more flexible pool of feedback personnel. Facilitating a more open environment that allows community members to jump in and out of providing feedback when they have the availability or have the alignment to do so.


Currently, community members have to be elected or voted into the Product Elite role to be rewarded for feedback on Kwenta Products. This is not optimal as Kwenta only gets feedback from a very small group of community members and is dependent on their overall availability.

Instead, this proposal aims to allow anyone to provide feedback and receive a role/grant for providing thorough feedback on Kwenta features that end up being implemented or community members that provide feedback continuously.


The proposed feedback roles structure is outlined below:

To facilitate an open and engaging feedback environment within the DAO, Kwenta users will be able to give feedback directly within the UI via a newly implemented feedback button or in the community-feedback channel of the Kwenta Discord.

Core Contributors will be tasked with designing a feedback loop within the Kwenta dApp and creating the necessary infrastructure with discord to facilitate open engagement. Establishing a path for active community members to be rewarded for their engagement. A feedback modal within the dApp will allow anyone already on the Kwenta dApp to provide valuable feedback.

Feedback coming through either the community feedback channel or the UI component would be classified into three categories.

  • Minor (Typo, Buttons wrong, Link wrong etc) - 20-200 sUSD
  • Medium - (Adding an option or feature) - 200-1000 sUSD
  • Large - (large product-level change, new mechansim) - 1000+ sUSD

2 Tier System

1 - Community member Community members interested in providing feedback will be able to do so via our widget within the Kwenta dApp or in the community feedback channel. This allows new and existing community members an opportunity to add value to Kwenta, and allows Kwenta to issue targeted rewards to community members actively engaging in making Kwenta a better product. This esablishes an opportunity for product users and community members, new or existing, to engage with the Kwenta DAO and significantly widen the scope of the Kwenta feedback loop.

If a community member has given feedback that has been implemented or provides feedback on a continuous basis, they can earn the Kwenta Product Elite Role.

2 - Product Elites This existing restructed role will allow community members that have earned it access to feedback grants when they become available. Community members with this role will have access to more sensitive and targetted feedback grants for upcoming products Kwenta needs community input on. Product Elites will be able to claim grants labeled 'Product Elite’.

The number of available feedback slots per grant and the grant value would be dependent on the task being completed.

Community members @marko & @andotlas will be assigned the task of setting up the structure and maintaining it in the early days of its existence while the process is still being refined and eventually handed over to the adminDAO.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.