KIP-33: Roadmap Development Process KIP



A process for developing the Kwenta roadmap.


The Elite Council will collaborate with the Core Contributors to create a roadmap for each epoch.


Currently, it is not clear how the roadmap of Kwenta will be determined as well as what Core contributors are responsible for versus governance members. This KIP will clarify this process and the dynamics of the relevant relationships.


Once a new council is voted in, it will be the responsibility of the Elite Council, in collaboration with Core Contributors, to establish a roadmap. The Elite Council President will be accountable for coordinating the development of the roadmap. The roadmap will need to pass a feasibility check by all Core Contributors (CCs) where consensus is reached amongst CCs that they are comfortable with the scope of work and direction. If the roadmap does not receive majority support within the council or amongst CCs, the roadmap will need to be adjusted until it passes both checks.

Once the roadmap is approved, the Core Contributors will work to establish a delivery schedule reflective of the roadmap. As new KIPs are introduced, the CCs will be tasked with updating the delivery schedule to accommodate for the newly passed KIPs.

Milestones on the roadmap will include budgets of KWENTA bonuses for the adminDAO to distribute according to the involvement of relevant Contributors if the milestones are completed. The milestone bonuses are not bound by the dates they are scheduled for as there will inevitably be delays; additionally incentivizing early completion will drive timely development. The treasuryDAO will send the KWENTA to the adminDAO upon confirmed completion of a given milestone. It will be the responsibility of the Elite Council to confirm once a milestone has been reached. It will be the responsibility of the Management Contributors to define what qualifies as a completed milestone. It will be the responsibility of the treasuryDAO to determine a given epoch roadmap's milestone rewards budget.

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