KIP-40: KIP Process Restructuring



A proposal outlining an overhaul to the KIP process in which UX is prioritized.


Replace the existing Kwenta Improvement Proposal (KIP) system with a constitution in which KIPs serve as edits to a living document.


By converting the Kwenta proposal system to a living document, the protocol will improve the human readability of the state of Kwenta, simplify the process of managing the protocol’s state, and offer a degree of discretion for those who contribute.


To implement this proposal, there a few steps:

The Core Contributors will be responsible for converting the current state of Kwenta’s KIP repository into a single document which will compose the Kwenta Constitution. The Core Contributors will establish infrastructure in which the new proposals act as edits to the constitution. Proposal authors will have the option to have their name removed from the edit history once a proposal has been implemented. The infrastructure will add visibility to the bounty system outlined in KIP-36 ( The existing KIP repo will be dissolved and replaced. The Kwenta Constitution will include a Terms of Service agreement to add transparency to the protocol and platform.

The adminDAO will be responsible for overseeing the implementation and management of the Kwenta Constitution; this includes collaborating with community members to issue new KIPs as well as identifying when a KIP proposal has been completed.

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