KIP-41: Community Rewards

Kwenta adminDAO


A methodology in which to reward Kwenta community involvement.


Upon the launch of the Kwenta token, the only ecosystem members that will receive rewards are Synthetix stakers and early synth traders (KIP-4). This distribution model does not address rewarding individuals that have supported the development of Kwenta through community involvement. This KIP proposes an additional distribution model that will fairly reward community involvement. The cut off date for inclusion is November 1st, 2022.


Community involvement is crucial to the success of Kwenta. By rewarding community involvement, Kwenta will communicate that it values and rewards those that contribute to the success of Kwenta beyond the usage of the product.


Early Kwenta community involvement has been tracked by either sending those individuals NFTs or assigning them a role in Discord. By establishing a rewards structure for individuals with either NFTs or a role on Discord, we can target the distribution of rewards to those who have participated in the early development of Kwenta.

Below is a list of the roles that have provided value to the Kwenta DAO’s development and a recommended amount of Kwenta tokens to allot in total per NFT/role group and how many people are within that group. Rewards are additive.

  • Elite Council (5) - 750 $KWENTA
  • Treasury Council (3) - 450 $KWENTA
  • Macro Token Audit (1) - 60 $KWENTA
  • Admirals (7) - 225 $KWENTA
  • Product Elites (5) - 200 $KWENTA
  • OG Product Elites (3) - 21 $KWENTA
  • Bounty Hunters (30) - 210 $KWENTA
  • Community Developers (4) - 160 $KWENTA
  • Outside Contributors (23) - 595 $KWENTA
  • Kwenta Advisors (3) - 380 $KWENTA
  • Kwenta Elites (30) - 900 $KWENTA
  • Kwenta Competition NFT Holders (12) - 60 $KWENTA
  • OG POAP (63) - 63 $KWENTA
  • Marketing Ticket Completors (9) - 63 $KWENTA

With a supply of 313373, the above allocation amounts to about 1.32% of the initial supply, and will come from the 15% allocated to CCs. All Kwenta tokens are subject to a 1 year vesting period.

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