KIP-5: Product Elite Role


Simple Summary

A proposal outlining a structure for the Product Elite role within the Kwenta DAO.


Build a curated group of up to five individuals that work directly with Kwenta Core Contributor’s (CCs) to provide structured feedback to the developers during the implementation of a new KIP. Product Elites will be responsible for finding opportunities to improve the product, providing feedback, approving designs, and conducting testing.


The Kwenta Protocol will constantly develop and deploy new products and refinements over time however there is currently no decentralized mechanism for the Kwenta DAO to gather user feedback, review designs, and test staged code.

Formalizing this role will help further decentralize the Kwenta Protocol. Product Elites will work with Kwenta CC’s to ensure that new KIPs, designs, and staged code meet quality standards and are intuitive for end-users.


The Elite Council will assign community members that actively participate and give valuable product feedback for the Product Elite Candidate role. Once a spot is available, or more Product Elites are needed, the Core Contributors will open a self-nomination ballot box that allows anyone with the Candidate role to nominate themselves for the opening.

Once ballot boxes are closed, the Elite Council will vote on who they deem fit for the opening. A simple majority vote will ascend a candidate’s status to Product Elite; in the event of a tie, Elite Council members will need to decide amongst themselves who to onboard.

Elite Council members can add and remove Product Elites as they see fit. Product Elites will help Kwenta achieve more polished releases, and their primary responsibilities include:

  1. Give feedback on new designs, KIPs, and staged code the Kwenta Protocol is designing for future launch.
  2. Discuss with Core Contributors possible product improvements and/or design ideas that render Kwenta more intuitive.
  3. Maintaining an active role within the ecosystem to stay aware of recurring feedback on the functionality of Kwenta products. Initiating discourse within the community to promote improving Protocol.

Product Elites will have a discord channel where the Kwenta CCs can communicate open tasks. PEs might be called upon to work individually or in groups on available tasks. If Product Elites know they won’t be active for some time or have something come up, they should notify and discuss their situation with someone on the Elite Council. The Elite Council retains the right to remove Product Elites that become unresponsive or counterproductive in this role. The CCs will monitor Product Elite performance and provide recommendations to the Elite Council as needed.

Once a KWENTA token has been launched, a compensation mechanism based on performance will be implemented by the Elite Council. Performance will be measured in terms of delivery regarding implementation of new KIPs, design feedback provided, functionality feedback provided, and other opportunities that arise either through independent Product Elite initiative or tasks organized by CCs. The Elite Council will establish a monthly budget with the treasuryDAO and retroactively compensate Product Elites at the end of each month if payroll is applicable. Compensation for each contribution from Product Elites will vary based on the importance and demand a task includes.

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