KIP-50: Velodrome/Uniswap Liquidity Mining Test 2



This KIP proposes a second month long liquidity mining trial between Uniswap & Velodrome.


KIP-46 and KIP-49 introduced a liquidity mining trial to compare Velodrome and Uniswap. This KIP aims to introduce a second iteration of that trial with updated levels of incentives to test.


The first test wasn't a true A/B test because the incentives for each pool's liquidity mining program were different. This KIP aims to create a second test where each pool has the same amount of liquidity to make a comparison easier.

The first test was a trial of Velodrome's liquidity mining program. The results of the first test can be found here. Velodrome attracted roughly ~50% more TVL per 1 $KWENTA of incentives than Uniswap. This test will decrease the total incentives allocated to liquidity mining from 587.57375 to 400 split 50/50 instead of 66/33.


  • Allocate 50 $KWENTA per week to the Velodrome pool for one month.
  • Allocate 50 $KWENTA per week to the Uniswap pool for one month.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.