KIP-7: Kwenta marketingDAO Framework



A proposal outlining a structure for the marketingDAO to support the growth of the Kwenta protocol.


Build a group of community members focused on marketing initiatives for Kwenta. The greater Kwenta marketingDAO will be made up of motivated individuals from the community that may participate in marketing strategy and campaigns on an ongoing basis or in one-off instances as their time and expertise allots. This group will be led by a council of 3 individuals that have demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of both marketing and the Kwenta ecosystem and are voted into the position by the Kwenta community. The marketingDAO Council will be responsible for coordinating with Kwenta CCs on priorities, reviewing, creating, and approving marketing campaigns and budgets and organizing the rest of the marketingDAO members to participate.


The Kwenta Protocol will be competing against exchanges across a wide variety of asset classes, levels of centralization & levels of funding. By sourcing members of the community to participate in marketing the protocol Kwenta will be able to leverage latent talent and generate novel marketing ideas from people with different views of the market. Formalizing this organization will help further decentralize the Kwenta Protocol. MarketingDAO Council members will work with Kwenta CCs to ensure KPIs are being tracked and quality of work is being met.


Epoch: 6 months In order to maintain greater continuity and contribute to longer-term thinking. The epoch for the marketingDAO Council shall be 6 months. At the end of each epoch, the Elite Council will open a marketingDAO Ballet Box where members of the community can nominate themselves for the role. The Elite Council will review the marketingDAO Ballet Box submissions and select three members via the same voting method outlined in KIP-5.

Council: Council members will receive a monthly stipend to be paid by the Kwenta treasury. Council members will seek guidance on goals and KPIs from the Elite Council. marketingDAO council members will submit an Epoch budget +1 month to the Elite Council and treasuryDAO within the first 30 days after an epoch begins. Budget will be managed through a Gnosis multisig wallet.

marketingDAO Council Members (MCMs) will have a discord channel where the Kwenta CCs can communicate open tasks and priorities. MCMs might be called upon to work individually or in groups on available tasks. If MCMs know they won’t be active for some time or have something come up, they should notify and discuss their situation with someone on the Elite Council. The Elite Council retains the right to remove Council Members that become unresponsive or counterproductive in this role. The CCs will monitor MarketingDAO performance and provide recommendations to the Elite Council as needed.

Council Compensation: Once a KWENTA token has been launched, a compensation mechanism based on performance will be implemented by the Elite Council. Bonuses will be available for reaching metrics; bonus size and KPIs will be established by the Core Contributor Committee. Performance will be measured in terms of delivery regarding campaign planning and execution, community contributions, social platform activity, and other opportunities that arise either through independent marketingDAO initiatives or tasks organized by CCs.

Prior to the launch of the KWENTA token, the Elite Council will establish a monthly budget with the treasuryDAO and retroactively compensate marketingDAO Council Members at the end of each month if payroll is applicable.

Council Member Skills: It is recommended but not required that the MCMs be comprised of members with the following skills so that it may be self-sufficient with any campaign requirements:

  • Graphic Design / UI/UX Design
  • Communications
  • Analytics, Budgeting, & Planning

Greater marketingDAO: Anyone within the community may join the Kwenta marketingDAO to participate and contribute to campaigns. However, members that are abusive or idle may be removed from the communication channels of the DAO.

Members of the marketingDAO may be, but are not guaranteed to be, financially compensated for their contributions in one of several ways.

  • Contracted Work - The MarketingDAO council may contract community members to complete specific or ongoing projects or campaigns.

  • Retro-Participation Grant - community members may be allocated a grant by the MarketingDAO Council for unasked and excellent work that positively contributes to Kwenta Protocol’s marketing objectives.

  • Community Coordinated Tip - A monthly budget of KWENTA may be allocated to a pool that will be paid out to MarketingDAO contributors for participation throughout the month. Each member in good standing will receive an allocation of votes to be distributed to other active members. KWENTA from the pool will be distributed on a pro rata basis at the end of the month. The MarketingDAO council will signal to the greater community which actions should be prioritized and tipped each month or epoch. MarketingDAO Council Members and other paid contributors to the Kwenta Protocol will not be eligible to receive Community Coordinated Tips, but may allocate votes. To avoid Sybil attacks or funding trolls, additional requirements may be added to become a tip-allocating member of the MarketingDAO.

Facilitation: In order to increase accessibility to the marketingDAO, the community will interact with ongoing campaigns, routine marketingDAO operations, and KIP performance via an interface managed by the MCMs. The MCMs will establish this interface at their inception; they can leverage an existing tool or build a custom solution.

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