KTR-2: Volume Program Rewards Management Request



Redirect Synthetix Volume Program rewards to Core Contributor management.


The Core Contributor Committee (CCC) would like to request that Synthetix Volume Program rewards be redirected from the treasury to the CCC wallet until an Aelin raise is completed. This will provide the Core Contributors with additional needed funding until a formal raise through Aelin is viable.




Core Contributors are currently running a lean operation with the Synthetix Treasury DAO funding Kwenta's minimum requirements for development. Until Aelin is available for fundraising, it would be beneficial to the Core Contributors to use the Volume Program rewards for compensation packages and covering Core Contibutor expenses. As soon as an Aelin raise is completed, this request will expire and the treasuryDAO will regain control over Volume Program rewards. Core Contrtributors currently have enough funding to operate with 6 members, the additional SNX would enable us to hire 1-2 more contributors to support the develpoment and marketing team as well as cover other Core Contributor expenses such as operational costs, travel, and Core Contributor/community member bonuses.

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