KTR-3: KWENTA Community Raise NFT Rewards



The purpose of this KTR is to reward participants in the KWENTA Community Raise.


The Core Contributors would like to request a budget of up to 3000 KWENTA in order to rebate a portion of fees for KWENTA Community Raise NFT holders.




Core Contributors will provide KWENTA Community Raise supporters with a tiered set NTFs which correspond to the amount of sUSD a participant has contributed. The first tier will enable up to 100 individuals who have contributed 50K sUSD to receive 10 KWENTA in fee rebates, 50 people who have contributed 100K sUSD to receive 20 KWENTA in fee rebates, and 5 people who have contributed 1M sUSD to receive 100 KWENTA in fee rebates. NFTs will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The rebate would be paid out at the end of each month based on the dollar value of KWENTA at the time of distribution.

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