KTR-4: devDAO Community Tips



This proposal requests a fund for the community PM to tip helpful community members in the devDAO.


The community PM would like to request a budget of 500 SNX and 0.02 ETH (for gas costs) on Optimism L2.




devDAO community members, especially Bounty Hunters, besides taking on available tickets with rewards, often altruistically help out other community members by providing code suggestions, help with dev environment setups, feedback on submitted code or simply discussing possible improvements. In order to faciliate and motivate community members to engage in the devDAO, the community PM would like to occassionally tip community members for their great assistance. This benefits both Kwenta by receiving better quality of code from the devDAO, as well as further cements community engagement and activity.

Given the available tip bot currently does not support Optimism L2, for the time being pay outs through a dedicated budget wallet managed by the community PM is preferred to tip devDAO community members in a timely manner.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.