KTR-6: marketingDAO discretionary budget



This proposal requests a fund for the marketingDAO PM to make smaller discretionary payments, either for marketingDAO bounties, or for tips to helpful community members.

Although a discretionary budget does not replace marketingDAO bounty payments for larger, more costly projects, a reasonable predetermined budget provides flexibility for experimentation within the marketingDAO. The marketingDAO PM should still keep a record of each expenditure and its rationale for the sake of transparency and accountability.


The marketingDAO PM would like to request a budget of 500 SNX and 0.02 ETH (for gas costs) on Optimism L2.




Many Kwenta community members have gone above and beyond to assist Kwenta in marketing efforts. In addition to completing work for individual bounties, Kwenta community members have participated in every step of planning and executing marketing initiatives, community events, and social media messaging.

A reasonable discretionary budget ensures that community members who complete small bounties can be compensated in a timely manner, and that community members who make significant contributions outside of a formal bounty can be recognized for their efforts. By removing overhead in this process, the marketingDAO should be able to stimulate more activity in the community and reduce the time and effort required to request small budgets for individual initiatives.

The small size of the budget and record of each expenditure provides an opportunity for oversight and prevents excessive spending, but is significant enough to provide the marketingDAO PM with flexibility and autonomy that should encourage more community activity and output.

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